The list of results

Reference Title Type Status Date of delivery
1.1. Kick-off meeting Eventcompleted13.01.2016.
1.2. Analysis on needs, constrains and possibilities for curriculum development Reportscompleted09.05.2016.
2.1. Programme content/methodologies development Teaching resources completed 30.09.2017.
2.2. Educational material development Learning resourcesin progress15.10.2017.
2.3. Study visits/workshops Events completed 13.09.2017.
2.4.Establishment of the institutional Centres for Sustainable and Resilient Environments Other products in progress 15.09.2017.
2.5.Teaching staff trainingTraining forthcoming 15.05.2018.
3.1. Establishment of quality standards/indicators Reportcompleted 12.03.2016.
3.2. Meetings of the Committee for Quality Assurance Reportin progress 15.12.2016.
3.3. National Accreditation obtainment Other products in progress 15.10.2017.
3.4.External curricula evaluation Reportin progress 15.04.2018.
3.5.Students’ evaluation of new study programmes Reportforthcoming15.06.2018.
3.6. Meetings of the Editorial Committee Reportin progress 15.07.2017.
3.7.External review of the educational material Report forthcoming15.06.2018.
3.8.External project audit Reportforthcoming 15.02.2018.
4.1.Project visual identity development Other productsin progress14.10.2018.
4.2. Promotional/informative events Eventsin progress 14.10.2018.
4.3. Project promotion in media Other productsin progress 14.10.2018.
4.4.Implementation of study programmes Other productsforthcoming 14.10.2018.
4.5.Courses for public/enterprise sector Training/LLL coursesforthcoming 15.07.2018.
4.6.ExhibitionsEvents forthcoming 14.10.2018.
5.1. Meetings of the Project Management Team Other productsin progress 14.10.2018.
5.2.Project finances and administration Other productsin progress 14.10.2018.
5.3.Organisation and coordination of project activities Other products in progress 14.10.2018.